How gamers reward their favorite esports personalities.

GankCoin was created to solve what we call "The Twin Problem" of esports. On one hand, you have players and influencers who want to perform for their fans but are struggling. And on the other hand, you have fans who want to show their appreciation of those players and influencers and have no direct way of doing it. While separate problems, they're in fact related because solving one problem solves the other; hence the nickname.

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We solve the problem by giving gamers a way to gift GankCoin directly to their favorite esports personalities. Decentralized and safe, blockchain-based GankCoin allows for nearly fee-free transactions to occur between gamers and esports personalities.

Imagine watching a CS:GO Major and being able to instantly reward your favorite player with GankCoin whenever they pull off a sick clutch! Or - donating to your favorite caster in real-time, as they cover an event. You can even tip a streamer without having to pay hefty platform fees; wouldn't you want them to keep 100% of your money? 

Gankstars Integration

You will also be able to use GankCoin to purchase Gankstars merchandise and event tickets at a discount. Our partners are also adopting the coin, and starting June 1, 2018 you will be able to use the coin to buy any of the fresh lifestyle products on

How It Works

Gamers only need to sign up for further instructions here.

Esports personalities can register to be on our portal here

On May 1, this website will become a portal that gamers can use to look up the best esports players and influencers. Select the person and just click "Send GankCoin".

Each coin will be valued at approximately $1 at the beginning, and it can be sent in pieces. The value is expected to grow fast at first as more people come to the site and try to buy coins.

For more currently available information, see our FAQ page.

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