How gamers reward their favorite esports personalities.

GankCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for gamers, by gamers. It enables gamers around the world to directly reward their favorite esports athletes and influencers for amazing show of skill and entertainment. 

Gankstars announced GankCoin on March 31, 2018. Please read the announcement here.

Why 'GankCoin'? 

In gaming, to 'gank' is to use situational awareness in order to make a great move that defeats your opponent. Top athletes are applauded for their high ganking skills. As this coin is a great move forward for the industry by the virtue of allowing athletes to earn more money, and it ushers more stability into the space, we felt GankCoin just makes sense. Plus, it relates to our name.

How does it work?

After our ICO (Initial Coin Offering), GankCoin will be available for purchase. A gamer would use a cryptocurrency exchange service, similar to Coinbase, to purchase GankCoin. Then, they simply login to our portal and link their account to the cryptocurrency exchange service, or upload their ledger directly. After a quick verification process, they can select their favorite esports personality registered on the portal, and send them GankCoin! 

The portal that lists esports personalities will be launched on this website on May 1. If you're an esports personality, please register here.

When is the ICO?

ICO details will be announced by Apr 5th, and the ICO itself will take place between Apr 15th and Apr 30th.

How big is the ICO?

We will be offering 5 million GankCoins for a total value of $5,250,000. $250,000 will be used to repay Gankstars' development costs related to GankCoin. In other words, each GankCoin will initially be worth $1.

I'm a nerd and want to know which fork this is based on?

Hello, fellow nerd. We are using a soft fork of Ripple (XFR). For those not yet in the know: XFR provides transactional security and fault tolerance while still allowing for high amount of transactions per second to be processed on the blockchain.

What is the legal structure like?

In January 2017, a parent entity was created that now owns both Gankstars and GankCoin. Previous CEO of Gankstars, Alex Novosad, became the chairman of the board of the new parent entity. The investors, board members, and the leadership team behind GankCoin will be revealed as part of our ICO announcement in April.

I'm an investor and would like to hear about your future rounds.

We're humbled! Please reach out to Alex Novosad via email (alex @ gankstars' main domain) or via LinkedIn.

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